Kundalini and its many layers

Dear All, this is Master Kundala from the space known as Neuremia which in dimensional space is between the 19th and the 20th. I am not a being as in human terms, but a spectrum of light which holds the imprint of DNA of many many planets, milky way and galaxies and what is in it. Everything in the Universe is encoded with DNA - the very blue print or the energy/thought form by which it was created. There are many benefits for the human kind at this time to know more about their DNA and the energy known as Kundalini with in them. Kundalini energy exists in all the seven chakras and above and not in the first chakra as has been known up till this point. There are also Kundalini energy known as male kundalini and female kundalini energies or Father/Mother kundalini. When one awakens (or what you term as Nirvana or Samadhi) many are awakening only to the first layer of kundalini with in them. Although this is a significant event by itself, it is nonetheless a very small part in one's evolution. For to fully join with the Creative intelligence where you are allowed to participate with the Creator happens only when one has fully integrated all the seven layers of Kundalini energy.

When one awakens to the first layer, there will be subtle shifts in one's energy filed and one's perspective. The time period to fully integrate this first layer of energy is usually between six and 9 months and occasionally 12 months. The second, third and fourth level of awakening can happen after the first layer is fully integrated with in a 90 day period. The fifth and the sixth layer integration can happen with in forty five days and the 7th of kundalini integration will take approximately 111 days.

There are certain components and energies which can support in the full integration of Kundalini.

One of the main component is sound, the other being mudra and the third being smell or essential oils. Before one undertakes the work of activating the kundalini energy, one must be in a proper frame of mind (calm, composed and peaceful). Then call on one's guides and other supporting energies to be with you. Light a white candle and if possible, wear white. Also if possible, before 12 days start on the diet of only simple foods and food rich in minerals and less on carbohydrates, less on sugar and dairy products and no meat (chicken, fish or meat). Preferably in the early morning or in the late evening is better for working with the first layer.

Call forth the master of the first layer - name is Moraueen and see the color of soft red rising with in you from the base chakra and going up through all the layers to the crown chakra and to the soul star chakra. The oil which can support in this is - Rose Oil and the sound to tone is Grihom Ma De. Allow for the energy to flow through you for a minimum of 13 minutes. Do this for a minimum of 3 days. For the second layer - call on the second layer master - Yihom ane he will guide you in activating this layer energy. The color is a translucent soft orange color and the sound is Aoyaem and the oil is Merh. Allow for the energy to flow through you for a minimum of 9 minutes and do this for at least 4 days. For the third layer - the master to be called forth is Kahom Ya and the color is Yolk Yellow and the oil which can support in this layer is Cinnamon and Cardamomn. The sound is Mitrevi. The time to allow for this is approximately 21 minutes for a period of 6 days.

For the fourth layer - the master to be called forth is Yangyon and the color is translucent white. The oil which can support in this activation is Angelic Essence or Calendula. The sound is Ma Na Asut Vilasklar. Do this for a minimum of 7 days and for over 30 minutes daily. The fifth layer master is Mandellion and the oil which can support in this layer is Trumpet Vine. The sound you can use is So Me Yuit Mo No. For this layer for to be fully awakened, it is best done on a New Moon day for a minimum of 15 minutes and then for the next five days. There is also another energy being you can call forth to support in this and it is the Spirit of the Sea called Namyonnnnnnnn. The color to visualize is soft green -like the ocean color with a touch of violet in it. The sixth layer master is Senhiyiloion and the color to work with is metallic gold color and the focus should be on the top of the third eye area - in the middle of the forehead. The oil which you can use is Cosmos and the sound is Yakulkriyon. Do this for a minimum of 7 days for a minimum of 3 to five minutes daily. On this layer, there is another important factor - the kundalini is shaped like a two small golden snakes holding a ball in between them. Once activated, one has the potential to come out of the illusion of this world and be above it. The seventh layer master is Narhon and the color to work with is Platinum with soft green. The oil which can support in this layer is Sandlewood or Pure Lotus Oil and the sound you can use is Om Namyo Sawa To. There is also a specific geometry you can use to activate this layer (see the attached drawing). This activation is done on a FULL MOON DAY or when there is an eclipse of the Sun or on any Equinoxes. This integration will take much longer and requires constant attention with one's thoughts and actions along with food and managing one's energy level. The other point to note is the seven layers of Kundalini is positioned like this.

  • First layer - in the base chakra
  • Second layer - On the Naval
  • Third layer - Between the Naval and the Solar Plexus
  • Fourth layer - Thymus area
  • Fifth layer - Throat area
  • Sixth layer - in the middle of the forehead
  • Seventh layer - on the top of the head - slightly in the back of the head - one to two inches from the center of the head to the back of the head.

    During the process of different layers of awakening, you may see visions of snakes, dragons and other water beings including whales and dolphins. You may also eagles, butterfly and other small animals. You may also feel extreme fatigue, pain in the back of the body, pain in the legs like some thing is moving in your legs or some thing is being pulled inside your legs, your head is spinning, rashes, nausea feeling etc.,and occasional fever. There may also be visions of death and decaying and a deep sense of loneliness, wanting to leave the planet, dis-interest in everything etc., All this will not last and is only of temporary in nature.

    You may also have visions of archetypal God/Goddess appearing in your mind's eye.

    We ask you to stay focused on the sound while the integration is going and you will be able to process this energy much faster.

    You can also call on me Master Kundala to assist you in this process.

    Master Kundala
    through Rae Chandran channeled on June 15, 2016