Blessings my dear fellow beings. This is DNA Master Rheumeain from Pleaideas.

Blessings and Love to All.

At this powerful time on the Earth, there is much fear among the multitudes about what is happening. The news is filled with dread and fear. There are beings on the planet who do not want the Light to proliferate and spread, and they are using all the tools at their disposal to send the energies of fear and chaos to the masses. When you are in a confused state and living in fear, you easily pick up the negative energy being beamed. This energy is picked up by the five senses, and it is sent into the spinal column and deposited there. From there, it becomes mixed with the fluids in the spinal column, and is transported to the pineal gland via the medulla oblongata, and into the structure of the brain, creating patterns of thought and behavior consistent with survival and fear consciousness. This in turn affects the pineal gland.

Breathing Techniques to Reduce Fear

The pineal gland is of great importance. It rules all layers of the mind, and your reality is created from the base energies contained in the pineal gland. Breathing through both the nostrils and releasing through both the nostrils can be very helpful in keeping the pineal gland clean and growing. You can also breathe in the colors pink and soft blue through both the nostrils, and then take them to the center of your brain. Be with these colors for 6 to 9 seconds and then release them through the base of your neck, at the medulla oblongata. This will prevent the formation of minerals in the pineal gland, which is one of the main causes for Alzheimer’s disease. For people who are schizophrenic, these times can be much more difficult and challenging, for these energies not only affect their brain structures but also their blood streams and the structures of their bones. Consistently working with colors can be very supportive for these people. The full Moon impacts people much more than before. The energies coming from the planets are also impacting people more. They are more intense. The electrical and magnetic energies in the human body are also being challenged to align and find balance, for when these energies are not fully aligned, your mind and body are not fully aligned and you are out of balance. Breathing is one of the main keys to offset the bombardments of high frequency energy coming into the planet during these intense times. One breathing technique you may want to practice is - Breathe through both the nostrils and while holding your breath, take it to the back of your neck, and then push it one arm's length above your head, and then bring it back to the tip of your nose, and then release it. In the next cycle of breathing - breathe through both nostrils and while holding your breath, bring your breath beneath the base of your third chakra, and then bring it back to the tip of your nose, and release it. During this process, visualize that you are forming a pyramid while breathing to the top of your head; and while breathing downward, you are holding a pyramid which has its base upside down. The apex of this pyramid is at the bottom of your third chakra. Visualize that you are between these two pyramids. Do this exercise for a minimum of 6 to 9 breaths. This will immensely reduce your fear, and will also help you maintain a balanced energy field.

Herbs and Essences to Reduce Fear

You can also use herbs and essences to bring clarity to your mind and body during these times. Mimosa can help you gain clarity and wisdom. Angel essence can also support you to open up to higher perspectives, and heal shocked and blocked energies within your blood cells. The essences of fruit trees, especially the essence of mango, are very beneficial. Some of the spices from Asia like cardamom and cinnamon are very helpful. Put these in warm water and allow them to steep. Drinking these can support you to re-charge and recuperate. The smell of Sandalwood is very good to ward of negative energies in your home and environment. Burn it in a gentle and mild way. This can clear blocked energies from your psyche and your home. Calling your helper guides and supporting energies daily to be with you can also be very helpful during these times. Connecting with your guides and supporting energies daily will create a space for the higher thought forms and inspirational energies being beamed to Earth from the Elohim and other Beings of Light. This will help you recognize and utilize these higher energies. The rose flower can be very helpful, for there are codes and geometry in a rose flower. Each rose has a sacred flower-of-life pattern embedded in it, and being with a rose or meditating with a rose can help you to open your flower-of-life codes and geometry. Work with a pink rose, for better results. The orchid flower is also very helpful, for it can help ground your energy. Lily flowers are also recommended to help you remember your own inner God and Goddess. We may momentarily forget, getting caught up in the drama of these intense times. One of the challenges people are facing is the feeling of wanting to get rid of everything to start all over again. Starting all over again is a noble idea, but you cannot start over again unless you have fully worked out and balanced the old energy you have created. Make heartfelt intentions, combined with love and understanding, to fully understand the energies you are drawing forth, and their consequences in your life. Simply understanding these energies is sufficient, for then they will loose their grip, and you will be able to easily let them go.

Connecting with Masters

Many ancient energies are now being awakened. People are having visions during sleep or in their meditations. Do not be afraid of these visions. There are completely new thought forms being beamed by highly advanced beings from other planets and other Universes. Master Bahauian is from another universe and he is beaming his light and energy into the Earth plane. He is a spiritual guide for this planet, not only for humans, but also for Mother Earth. Connect with Master Bahauian daily and ask for his codes of vibrational energy to be downloaded into you. You will feel this at the back of your head, beneath both ears. These areas are powerful energy transmitters and receivers. There is also a feminine master named Malaisutra who is beaming the energy of Divine Creativity. She can help you to distinguish whether what you are hearing is coming from your soul or from some other reality. The color to work with this master is pale while. The very air you breathe is also bringing forth codes and wisdom, for the air is now more saturated with the Creator's energy. The Creator is more involved with this planet than at any other time. The Creator's energy is being brought more directly through the air, and breathing consciously can help you draw forth more of this energy into yourself. The very air you breathe has more adamantine particles than before and these particles can be used to create anything you want. The bone structures of your hands and legs are becoming more energized and electrical in nature, and this in turn produces refined energies there. When this happens, your hands and fingers become healing hands. Your legs becoming healing legs, and you send refined energies into the ground you walk. Work with these tools and see whether they can support you during these times.

We hold you all in the Divine Arms of Love

Archangel Metatron

Rae Chandran