Greetings and Blessings. This is Isis.

What a year it has been. Great accomplishment in terms of holding the light brilliantly in spite of all the turmoil. The past few months has seen monumental changes on the world scene, like the influx of migrants from war torn countries, to the historic visit of Pop to the United States and Cuba, the crashing of the Chinese hyped stock market and many others. This trend will accelerate further in the coming year of 2016, where many more major changes will occur.

One will be in the adjustment and correction of the world's financial system, which has been long over due. There is the potential for many more markets to crash similar to the one which happened in China. Markets over all through out the world will be recognized for what it is worth, and not what is reported or hyped by the media or the rating agencies. The way the economy of a country is looked at will also be evaluated and corrective measures will be taken. Too much of importance is given to the rating agencies and other lobbyists who makes all kinds of prediction and submit report which in most cases are not true at all and always has an underlying theme behind it, like the fat fees they collect and also to line their own pockets. Many banks will come under intense scrutiny about how they conduct their business and there will be a rallying cry to make banks more accountable. One of the shifts will be that Banks and the people involved will be held accountable in a more strict way and will be punished severely. In the past, when a wrong doing is discovered, the people who did this rarely gets punished and when the banks pay the fines levied by the government, the people who committed these crimes goes scott free. This is going to change in the year 2016.

One other potential for change is in the car industry. Many of the car manufacturers has their own hidden secret in the way cars are made, the safety of the car, emissions from the car, the lock mechanism etc., All this will come under intense scrutiny. This will begin in Europe and many of the big names will be in the news about their dirty secrets.

One other potential will be in the way world courts and its jurisdiction over countries and the entire criminal system. More and more political leaders will be held accountable by the world court and many of them will be arrested on citizens complaint when they travel out of their own countries. There will be call to clean up the political system and the buzz word will be - the politically elected leaders does not truly represent nor care for the people who elected them and the system needs to change. This will be very evident in the country of United States in the upcoming elections. There will be grass roots movements to form a new and transparent government in many countries. There will be strong call to form an African Unity Government and also for the introduction of a unified African currency.

There is also the potential to become more aware of the environment and how one needs to pay attention to the environment. A subtle understanding that humans are part of the environment and what we do affects the environment will slowly start to sink in the subconscious of the human mind. This is a good development. On the down side, there is the high potential to have one more nuclear disaster in the coming year. Weather will be extremes in 2016 with many eruptions of mountains, volcanoes, many mini earthquakes in many parts of the world.

There is also the potential for countries coming to the brink of war in 2016, but the high likely of this becoming a full scale war is minimal. Countries will start to see the benefits of co-operation rather than confrontation.

On the technical front, there will be few more platforms like the social media/facebook coming up and one has the potential to make a big impact on the market. Also there will be technology coming up about creating body tissues and bones which can be replaced in a severely damaged person. There will also be a look at the root causes of cancer and how it can be looked at for healing from all the angles - and not just the physical symptons. Is the cancer being caused by the damages in the emotional body, mental body or is it being caused by a spiritual belief system. All the aspects of the sickness will be looked at. What people will realize is that most of the cancer and also most of the illness is caused by a misaligned energy and if one were to re-align once again with the universal flow, most of the sickness will go away. This will be a major breakthrough on a quantum level. People will start to realize that what they are having in terms of sickness is simply a misaligned energy.

On the entertainment front - there is the potential to come out one or two powerful movies which has the potential for people to think out side of the box and the larger purpose of life itself. Violence in the movies will become less and less and also a greater emphasis on the quality of the program beamed through television will become apparent in 2016. The society has a whole will want to see quality, loving and heart centered programs on their television sets.

Many more children will be born with autistic and these children will start to be recognized for who they are.

In the sports world - the great athelt from Jamaica - Bolt will again be in the news in a big way and he may go down in the history as one of the all time greats. Sadly for Tiger Woods, it will not be a good year. The tennis great - Venus Williams will also have a great year in 2016.

On the spiritual front - there will be more and more new teachings coming through, although not all of them will be of high quality - so look out for that. Use your own discretion. There will be many awakenings in children who will start to show more interest in spirituality and there is the potential for a young stat to be born who will be fully awakened and this young one will bring many young people into the spiritual realm through his music. Young people all over the world are united in many ways and they all seek better life - abundance - joy, fun, creativity and are not bothered much by the past. They will seek a common ground through music and this uniting through music may start in Brazil.

So overall in 2016, the big change will the slow realization that we are responsible for the world and the planet and what we do effects all.

through Rae Chandran