Elements and its influence in our lives by Master Kuthumi

Balancing the Four Elements Within You

Greetings Brothers and Sisters of Light, this is Master Kuthumi.

We are now living at a very interesting time on planet Earth. Major changes are happening throughout the world, and all continents are affected by them. The world is being transformed; it is being reformed and made anew. This transformation is happening in all areas of life. Today I would like to talk about the natural forces around you which are impacting you. Have you noticed that humanity's state of being is reflected in the forces of nature, and vice versa? When there are great floods in a region, there may be great damage to people and property, and there is also great impact on the emotional state of the people living there. The same is true all activities of nature. When there is an earthquake, people are greatly affected by the earth element and may carry weight on their bodies, or become blocked inside.

What can light workers do to stabilize the natural forces around you so you are not affected by changes happening on the Earth, particularly weather changes? The natural choice is to create balance in your life so you create balance on planet Earth. You are a microcosm of the macrocosm of the planet Earth. You and the planet are intimately interlinked. Your body is made from the same material of Mother Earth, and what happens to Mother Earth affects you. It is impossible to separate Mother Earth from you.

There are four natural forces which must be in balance and harmony - earth, water, air and fire. When one element is out of balance, there can be upheaval in the planet. You have these four elements in your body, and they also must be balanced. Each element has its own characteristics and should always work in harmony with the others. Otherwise there will be disharmony in your life.

If the earth element in your body is stronger than the others, you may have weight problems, or you could dominate other people by the sheer force of your personality. When someone with this imbalance enters a room full of people, the room can suddenly go silent. These people can feel heaviness without joy, for they subconsciously broadcast the earth element of domination.

If the earth force is weak in someone, they may be ungrounded and feel helpless and overwhelmed by the conditions of their life. When the water element is unbalanced, a person can experience emotional up and downs, and be unable to control their emotions. They may also subconsciously project their emotions onto others. They may also consume and release fluids excessively. When the water element is weak, their bodies can dehydrate and cause their creativity to dry up. When the water element is too strong, it can cause emotional roller coasters. When it is too weak, it can cause the emotions to appear to be absent, blocked, or too thin.

The mental body is associated with the element of fire. Excess fire element can cause a person’s mind to run out of control. These people cannot sleep, even when their body is tired. Their mind is not rested and refuses to quit burning. Excessive fire can also trigger irritation, anger, fevers, or dehydration. It can damage the liver and the intestines. A person who is lacking fire may feel excessively cold, even in warm weather. They may lack warmth their in personal interactions. They may become depressed or listless. Fire can harm or kill, but it can also transform. When fire is in balance, all your creative processes will be empowered with passion and determination. When it is lacking, it can contribute to coldness towards life – living without joy, creativity, or inspiration.

When someone has an over abundance of the air element, they may become spacey, overly talkative, or disoriented. Too much air can also cause dehydration. Too little air can cause lack of creativity, loss of clarity and inspiration, or avoidance of people and withdrawal from society. These people may find that they are constantly out of breath. If their condition is not balanced, they can develop physical ailments over time, and age rapidly because they lack oxygen in their blood stream.

A natural disturbance in one part of the Earth - a hurricane or a volcanic eruption - indicates an imbalance of the four elements. Floods are an imbalance of the water element. A forest fire is an imbalance of the fire element. A great wind is an imbalance of air. What can you do to balance the four elements in yourself? Write the four elements on a piece of paper and pass a finger or a pendulum over of what you have written, and where feel the greatest pull is the element you must work with at present. You can do this periodically to check which elements need to be worked with and balanced.

Here are some tools you can use to add one of the four elements, when you are lacking them. If you lack the earth element, wearing stones or crystals on your body can help. You can also place a large stone near your front door. Wearing green can also help. For balancing the air element, wearing precious metals on your body can support you. Aluminum, steel, and platinum are all good for this. The color red is also good. Place the color red (in any form) on your desk or your table. Do not place red in your bedroom or in any place you normally relax or sleep. You can balance the water element by having a picture of a light shower or a light waterfall in your living room. The color light blue is also good for this. Carry a picture of a light summer shower with a blue background in your purse or wallet. You will subconsciously draw the water element into your body if you are lacking it. The fire element can be balanced by placing a bright yellow flower near the front entrance of your home or your living room. It is also good to have a picture of a gentle fire like a candle (but not a big blaze).

If we have too much earth element, wearing crystals is not recommended. The color soft beige will with a tiny dot of red inside will support in ridding excessive earth element. For excessive wind element, gently massage the back of your neck for a few minutes daily. Having a picture of a bird flying in the sky will also support this process. If you have too much water element, a picture of a desert or a sand dune can support you. A picture of a desert animal like a camel in the living room can also be beneficial. Too much fire element can be balanced by having a picture of a gentle stream flowing through a thick green jungle. Wearing white clothing can also support this process.

Experiment and play with these techniques. Keep in mind that these forces will change as you go through life, so it is good to balance these elements regularly.

Master Kuthumi
Through Rae Chandran