Cecil the Lion who was recently killed in Zimbabwe and made headline news around the world.

Well my dear ones, this is Cecil. There has been much news about me recently. My passing away has brought the attention of the world to the animal kingdom and the country where I resided with my pack. Well it is good.

Just like humans has contracts (life contracts) with other humans, the animal kingdoms also has contracts - but with selected human beings. So my contract was with Mr.Palmer for both us agreed that through my passing a large shift in consciousness will take place. We are not just talking about protecting the animal kingdoms in a benevolent way, but a shift in consciousness in the country where I resided.

The country Zimbabwe has been ruled with an iron fist and is greatly influenced by the Dark Forces which completely controls the people in the governing body. Although the world knows about the situation in Zimbabwe, they have failed to take any action. As you might be aware, most of the foreign policies of all the countries is based purely on Self Interest. When there is no interest or any thing to be gained from that country, the the powerful countries which can bring about a change in a dark and oppressed country does not care for there is nothing to be gained for them. This has helped the dark forces greatly and they have ruled with impunity for a long time. The people and the land is suffering. There is wide spread corruption and mis-management of the scant resources.

So with the consultation with my Higher Self and my guides and with the consultation with the guides and support systems of Mr.Palmer, it was decided that I would give up my life and this would be announced in a major way through out the world. When one dies and if any one comes to know about the death (whether human or otherwise), there is always a message for the ones who came to know about that death. When my death happened, there was much attention placed on Zimbabwe and much light energy went into that country. Much love, compassion and sympathy was beamed into the animals and the land and since we habitat that land, much of that went into the ground for healing to take place.

We are pleased to announce that the desired goal of my passing was achieved as more than 30 million people sent healing energy into the land. This will have a great effect on two fronts. The stronghold of the dark forces will break and also better care for my animals brothers and sisters. This will start shifting the power base from a select few to a more diversified field and the country will once again see the roots of democracy taking shape.

There is also one other reason for my death at the hands of an American Soul. When any major changes must happen in the world, if it starts in America, it would have the greatest impact on the world community for America is a leader and every body looks towards this great land for making a change. If the soul who killed was from any other country, it would not have got as much coverage as it did and hence Mr.Palmer's role in this.

So do not mourn my death - but rather celebrate. Let us celebrate Mr.Palmer for taking this brave step and fully stepping into his life contract. Let us honor him.

I also would like to give you an example of how death makes an impact on the people who comes to know about the death.

Let us take the passing away of Mahatma Gandhi. When he was killed by an assassin's bullet, it made the greatest impact on the warring factions - between the Hindus and the Muslims and it stopped considerably the killing between these two sections of people. In the same way, my death also made a huge impact in the psyche of millions of people and this will change the way, humans look at animals and see their purpose for being on the planet in an entirely different way.

So let us all celebrate my death. How do you celebrate my death. By holding Love and Peace in your own Heart.

Cecil the Lion from Zimbabwe

through Rae Chandran