Predictions for 2015

By Babaji

Hello, Precious Ones. My deepest love to all of you for all of you are soul extensions of the Creator, as I am. At this particular time when the world is on the cusp of a major shift, both politically and spiritually, one must awaken from the deep slumber and take part in the re-creation of the new world. What does it mean to re-create a new world? It is just not in having a new consciousness - which at best times are on and off (not through out the waking state), but also participating fully in the cleansing and healing of the land you live. This must go hand in hand. What we have observed is that, the light workers tilt towards either one of the other - focusing only on themselves or focusing only on healing the outside world. In truth one cannot heal the outside when one is not working on themselves and the vice versa is also true. These both compliment each other.

I would like to bring your attention at this point to doing specific work for healing the earth. There are many layers of healing for the earth which is required at this time. One has to do specifically with healing the lost souls which are still on the earth plane and this is a great burden on Mother Earth's body. Combined with this, the deceased who carries hatred or deep seated rage or any of the other debilitating emotions they had when they passed away is also being transferred to Mother Earth's body and especially if they are buried in the ground. This also affects the new born children who are born in that region for they have the great potential to carry many of the same emotions which the deceased person for what the deceased person is leaving is an energy imprint on the ground. Children who are like sponge easily pick this up and they may have the tendency to grow up having these qualities - especially of hatred, rage, anger, non forgiveness etc., In this respect, there are two things I suggest you do. One is to call forth and connect with the lost souls and gently guide them to go to the place they belong to. Then calling forth the Angel of transition to assist these souls to heal/erase the memory of all the hatred, rage, anger etc., which they carry inside and then supporting them to go on their journey on the other side. After you do this, you may also call or ask for the assistance of the Angel of Resurrection to heal the deceased person's etheric body and the energy body along with the auric body. Angels of Resurrection work with the frequencies in the body - and especially the energies and frequencies in the cells, blood, bones, tissues and skin. When this is done, the deceased person, when they are re-incarnated again will come with a more clean slate of energy. I encourage you to participate in this so that earth healing can truly begin.

In the coming year (2015) I see the great potential among light workers to play a more prominent role in the healing of earth. It will be like an inner calling to do this kind of work. Some of you may be guided to visit certain places on the planet to do this kind of work, and others will simply do this from their homes. I also see the potential for a new political party being formed all around the world called Earth Party - whose prime purpose will be to restore Mother Earth in many of its aspects. Irrespective of the country, this movement will be called Earth Party through out the world.

On the spiritual front, I see the potential for many more new teachings to be brought forward - especially from the Galatic and the Solar planes. Also new teachings coming from the land you call South America. The mystery and secret of the Easter Islands may be revealed. Also the existence of our brothers and sisters from other realities will be more fully accepted and also the great potential for many governments to openly say - about their involvement with them for quite some time. New land masses may come up and these new lands will have abundant minerals underneath it. There may be tug of war between between nations about this - for many of these land masses may appear in the borderline between nations. Also new pyramids will be discovered and the true purpose of these gigantic structures will be discussed more in depth. There are many more pyramidal structures all around the earth including in the mountains of Tibet.

On the medical front, the true origin of any decease will be discussed and how one can heal the cause before it becomes an effect as a disease. Cures for Ebola and other diseases will be found and eradicated. There will also be revelations about how the medical profession and some times the big pharmaceutical companies have played a role in creating sickness and diseases to keep human beings chained to them. Many of the big pharmaceutical companies motives and intent will be revealed. Many also will question the integrity of big newspapers and news media for they will see that many of them has not been reporting the truth. Many big names in the newspaper business will be named and shamed.

The financial sector is overdue for a big overhaul and there is the high potential for the market to crash and wipe away millions of people's savings and also fortune. Some of the big names in the mobile phones and the IT sector will see a great swing in their fortunes and many companies will be persecuted for fraud (tax and also for other wrong doing) in 2015. The great potential for finally releasing the information on Free Energy will be forthcoming, for there will be a clamor for this. New gold and diamond mines will be found in Africa and there will be calls for Africa to unite and deal with other nations as a collective country, rather than individual countries. In this they will find great strength and they will build a mighty continent. There may also be new innovations coming from China and Iran and these products will be greatly used in many of the western countries after resisting it at first. These products will not be a military or war machine, but some thing which will capture the minds and imagination of the young people around the world. There may also be more talk and relationship building between USA and Iran.

There will be new scholars coming from all parts of the world who will have a different view on some of the more intolerant religions and they will interpret many of these old teachings and bring it to par with the new realities. Initially many of these new interpretations will be rejected, but slowly it will be accepted all around the world.

The greatest energy potential what I see in 2015 is the awakening of more humans and they taking their power, for you are in the age of Empowerment. More and more people will awaken in all parts of the world. This can have a dramatic effect on all aspects of life on the planet including weather changes, more and benevolent innovations being released into the world, new ways of space travel, higher forms of communication etc.,

I ask you to join fully with your magnificent I AM Presence, your supporting teams - Guides, Angels and Archangels and the Magnificent Creator of All in this coming year and co-create a world where there is beauty, grace and harmony among all including yourself.

With Love and Support for your wonderful work,

I am Babaji