Vision Series

Sketch out in a piece of paper, all the processes for the symbol each one and see yourself going thru each symbol. Like a door to each symbol. You are there. Take time. This must be done at least 3 minutes. In one chamber, you may call this symbol chamber. Deeply breathing in the energy of the symbol and when you feel comfortable. Take courage and be ready to step into the next grand entry. You may feel afraid because you are going back to yourself. There may be darkness. Stay in there and again breathe in deeply. and when you feel comfortable, see yourself opening this door and go into the next one. Into the next one, facing your fear vision, cutting the cords and finally, you will reach the end. So you can have symbols placed in this way and an arrow going thru all the symbols or a man walking thru all the different symbols.

Entry into Oneness   Gateway   Grand Opening Visions   Opening the Crystalline Hall in the Brain   Dreaming Transformation   Sound of Heart   Sound of Joy Sound of Life   Sound of Love

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