Temple Series

Temples have only one function. To bring one back into their own divine. But there are many temples in the world. Like they are many churches. Different denominations. Same way, they are many inner temples, where you are able to go to access the wisdom from there. Why are there so many temples? Because, each and every person who visits this inner temple has worked in healing different aspects of themselves. And certain temples have the energy to bring healing to a particular area. That's all. All temples have the same purpose. To bring oneself back. Like when you're going to a doctor. You don't consult the same doctor for all purpose. FOr ear you go to one doctor, for dentist you go to another doctor. For problems in your groin, you go to another doctor. Same way, there are inner healing temples for each and every aspect of your life if you wish to make a change. How can you work with these temples? Its easy. Maybe light a candle. Sit down and close your eyes, and ask to be transported to your guides safely into these ancient and healing temples.

And ask for permission to enter into these temples. And you may enter these temples. But always go with a reverence for these are places of sanctity and sacredness. And ask that you are able to integrate the energy of this temple into your being. Just sit down and breathe it in for 3 to 5 minutes. And see the energy encompassing you completely and fully into your chakric columns. Do it for at least 7 days. Why 7 days? Its a cyclic period. Cause it takes at least 7 days for all your different bodies to assimilate all the energy. Since you live in the 3rd dimensional world, where there is so much interaction with other human beings and other experiences, our energy field become polluted. So we can return to this temple again and again and again whenever we need cleansing and healing.

Temple of Love   Temple of Sound   Temple of_Forgiveness Temple of Remembrance   Temple of Compassion   Temple of Acceptance Temple of Beauty   Temple of Wisdom   Temple of Knowing Temple of Integration   Temple of Recreation Temple of Mastery   Temple of Release   Temple of Merging Temple of Healing   Temple of Recreation

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