Oneness Series

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Oneness Series

Buddha - Mind and Vision

This symbol represents the teachings Buddha did of how one can gain enlightenment by controlling the mind - or of trying to find the Divine with in using one's mind. This teaching was appropriate at that time when Buddha was alive, but with the higher consciousness on the planet now and with higher understandings of the workings of the Universe, one must utilize the other senses also in knowing more about one self. In this way, one can become more balanced not only in the mind, but also emotionally and also spiritually. There are 4 components to working with finding one's balance for we use all these 4 parts constantly. One is our human mind, one is our emotional body, one is our spiritual body and the last one is our physical body. The highest thought one can have in one's mind is wisdom and the highest feelings one can have in their emotional body is love, and the highest experience one can have in their spiritual body is a deep connection with all - or continuous communion with all. But unless we bring all this three, into our physical reality, it remains just as a concept and true understanding cannot be reached. For it is the physical body which acts what our mind, what our emotions and what our spiritual experience one has into a physical reality.

Mohammed - Spirit and Vision

Mohammed taught people to love the Creator with all our heart, with all our mind and with all our soul. But the primary emphasis was on the connection with the Spirit/Creator. The whole teachings is geared towards understanding the Spirit and then working towards integrating it. But then then it is a concept only and unless it is brought into the level of physical reality and then living that truth, true understanding cannot be achieved. The teachings was appropriate at the time when it was delivered for during those times, the tribes were all warring against each others and were scattered and there was no understanding of the consequences of their actions and belief systems. The only understanding that was prevalent was of a higher power and how to integrate that higher power. So the focus was on the Spirit.

Jesus - Heart and Vision

Jesus the great master of Love taught about the love one has inside and which has the power to transform. He taught about the great love of God and how it can transform even the darkest energy. The teachings were dedicated to opening and tapping into this great force and then living it. When this force is awakened in one, there can be fear, for the darkness which is inside all of will start to surface for it to be cleared and healed. Also the masses during that time, were looking for understanding of the workings of Spirit through alchemy and miracles and they had little faith in themselves nor did they know about the awsome power of love with in themselves. So this teachings fell on dear years for the most part and only after the passing of Jesus did it start to circulate around the world.

Body Vision

This symbol represents the new World Teacher - who will unite all the above three - Mind, Spirit and Heart teachings/vision for the present day world. This world teacher will teach about living in the body fully, while fully integrating the above three concepts. The acting body which is also called the physical body is the most important tool a human has and unless one is able to live their life fully in this body, one cannot attain or have the enlightenment they seek. For it is only through the body, one can be liberated. This new teacher may very well be in the form of a Feminine being.


This symbol represents the infinite choices inherent in every moment. There are multitude of choices avaliable in each given moment and most of humanity is not being able to see the multitude of choices. Most of us are able to see only what is in front of us - and some of us - may be able to see a few more choices - what is presented in the left and the right, and some even more - what is above and below and what is around us. But if were to able to see all the quantum possibilities in every moment, then we are in a more powerful place to make our choice. This symbol can be used to open oneself to more choices. Place it in a place where you can see it often. Placing this symbol in your bedroom or meditating on this symbol can help to open up the higher mind which is connected to the Universal Mind and in that experience one can see more clearly and then choose to create more benevolent experiences.

Connect with One's Soul

The purpose of one's life itself is to know more about oneself - that is know who we truly are - It has been said in many scriptures that Man know thyself. In knowing oneself, one can know the divine with in. This divine with in is the Divine Soul we carry. Our body is the temple for this Divinity. By connecting with one's soul, one can live its truth through our physical reality. The soul wants to experience what it knows intransically. So it creates outside experiences to express and experience itself fully. In this way, the soul grows. The soul has great truth and understanding for it is connected to the Creator. The soul also lives in the present moment fully. So when we connect with the soul, then we are living in the eternal moment of now where by there is no past, nor future, only the now. In this now moment, one can know oneself fully. Meditate with this symbol and call forth your soul to integrate into your physical body, your mental body, your emotional body, your etheric and astral body, your casual and light body and then your spiritual body. Just by having this symbol in your house will start to anchor its energy into your environment.

Connect with one's ancestors

Who are our ancestors? Have we wondered whether they are parts of ourselves? For when we heal the present, we also heal the past and also the future. So we can heal the ancestoral past of us by healing ourselves now. We all carry baggage from the past - mainly of survival consciousness and this dictates a large part of our present daily lives. Our ancestors also carried wisdom and talents and by connecting with our past selves, one can tap into these qualities and energy which can be used in the present moment. During your meditation time, give intent to connect with your own ancestoral past (make sure that you give intent to connect with only the highest vibrational aspect of that life) and ask to be shown the times when you had great courage or any specific talent which was experienced and which you may need during this life time.

Conscious Dying

This is the highest form of death one can achieve in one's life. The moment of death is the most important moment in one's life for what we experience during the time of death is the experience we will create after we leave our body, only this time, the experience will be magnified a million times. For eg, if we fear death, then we can create any number of experiences like judgement, punishment, guilty, retribution, hell or any other experiences and this we will create instantly after we die for then we are creating this experience from our entire selves - our fully creator selves. So if one can consciously die, then one can choose to have the highest experience when they are dying. This choosing can be of connecting with our highest love, or merging with the Divine or any other and this is what you will create or experience when you cross over. Many eastern traditions place great emphasis on this and teach specifically about consciously choosing during the moment of death. That is why in some cultures, when one is dying, the rest of the family members start chanting or reciting the name of the Lord so that the dying mind can pick up the vibrations of the sound and this becomes the last experience on this earth plane and they will create this experience immediately after life.

Cosmic Ocean of Life

This symbol represents the inherent support one has always, although we cannot see it physically. Like the boat which supports human beings to make crossing over troubled waters, the love of the Creator is always with us to carry us forward. Also there are legions of angels and archangels, guides, masters and teachers who are always guiding and supporting us. We are never alone for we are a group energy - the energy of all. We can connect with this energy to carry us through the waters of life. This requires tremendous faith and trust in oneself and this faith and trust can be opened up on a more higher octave by connecting with one's soul. When we are in doubt, meditating on this symbol can help us open up to this inherent truth.

Council of Twelve

The council of twelve are the twelve beings who guide the evolution of this planet and others. They are the emissaries of the Creator and we can connect with this beings and integrate their energy with us for opening up to higher wisdom and knowledge. They have been guiding our planet and others from the time of its inception and by connecting with them, one can open oneself to higher dimensions and higher truth. One of the greatest benefit one can have working with them is in understanding the building blocks of life on this planet - in other words, one's own DNA and also the Master DNA for this planet and this Universe. Meditate on these awsome beings and increase your light quotient exponentially.

Divine Inspiration

Divine inspiration is the ability to tap into one's super mind/.higher mind and bring forth wisdom and to express this wisdom through our physical reality. Our higher mind is connected with the mind of the Creator and hence the wisdom we seek is much higher and larger. When we seek an answer to anything, then our mind immediately goes into the memory bank and pulls out a played out scenario and presents itself. But when we connect with our higher mind through our soul, then our soul brings forth the wisdom from the multitudes of choices from the present moment reality. This understanding of wisdom is called the divine inspiration one can tap into any time one chooses.


Enlightenment is the ability to fully integrate one's full energy. A coming together of all our soul's energy - where by one is able to hold one's entire vibration. This coming together happens over many life times. Due to the various experiences we had over millions of years, our soul is disintegrated into over a million pieces and all this must be brought back together and integrated. This integration is called Enlightenment. In the current time of this planet, one has the greatest potential to integrate all of oneself for the energy of the planet supports this integration, where by there is no seperation and we become whole once again, in the way we were originally created - the perfected human being - Adam Kadmon.

Eternal Flame

Eternal flame is the fire which was brought to this planet when this planet was created. This flame is anchored deep under the mountains of Tibet and one can access this only through one's heart portal. Great Master Jesus spent considerable time working with this flame when he was alive on this planet. Meditating and integrating with this eternal flame, one can purify one self completely from all karmic energy and also detach oneself fully from the third dimensional attachment. Working with this flame, can enhance one's spiritual evolution and increase the light quotient and raise one's vibration. Please note that this flame is very powerful and must be integrated in moderation, for we must be ready to assimilate this high potent energy,

Buddha's Golden Healing Chamber

This healing chamber is in the ashram of Lord Buddha who is the planetary logo at the present time and is situated in the inner plane over Mount Kailash. Before going to sleep, one can ask one's guide to transport them safely to the ashram of Buddha and then to this healing chamber. This healing chamber is especially suited for working with issues of hatred, non forgiveness, healing and guilt. You can also request Lord Buddha to assist you in clearing the old belief systems and negative thought imprints which is preventing you from moving forward in your spiritual evolution.
You can also ask Lord Buddha to anchor the energy of the planetary logo while you are in the healing chamber. Ask for the healing and clearing from your entire being - not just your physical reality, but all your other bodies including all the other lives, all existences in all dimensions. You can also ask for healing or clearing from your cells and other parts of the body like bones, skin, etc., This is specially good when one is working with healing a physical ailment. After the healing is done, ask for the anchoring of the Creator's light into your being.

Heavenly Music

This is the music one can tap into through one's heart portal. There is music through out the Universe and one can access it. It requires a deep going with in and the asking for it. Most of the great music of this world has been downloaded from this heavenly music into the minds of receptive individuals and then they reproduced it. There is no original music. All were created in other dimensions, then brought forth into this reality. For those of you who are interested in working to connect with this heavenly music, you may request the assistance of the Angel of Sound - Shamael.

Oneness with All

The purpose of life itself is to find this and then live it through in every moment of our life. This is also called Communion with All/God. How can one feel oneness with all, not just other human beings, but all of creation? This can be found only when one is fully integrated with one's own Soul, The Monad and I Am Presence. When one has the understanding that we are part of the whole and the whole is part of us, and what we do affects the whole and vice versa, then we start living in a new way. Our soul is not in just one part of the body, but encompass all of ourselves, and our soul does not end there, for the soul extends to others and then it encompass them fully and then another and then another. In this way we are connected to all at the soul level. This energy encompass all of creation. During our meditation we can access this state of experiences briefly, but working with it consciously and continuously can enhance and lengthen one's experience.


Passion is the divine energy which drives us. If there is no passion for life, then life can become dull and boring. When we start living in the present moment fully, one can awaken fully to one's passion. Most of uslive in the past and occassionally in the future. The past is gone and we have only the present moment. In this now moment there is the energy of joy and creation. When you are in joy, there is passion. These two are intricately linked. If you lack passion in any area of your life, placing this symbol in that area can help awaken one to its energy. You can place this symbol in your work area, in your relationship area, your creativity area etc., Additionally you can call on the Angel of Passion to ignite the fire of passion in you so that any creative endeavour you are working can be completed. You can program any crystal with this energy and carry it with you always or can program many crystals with this energy and then place them around the house.

Quantum Being

Quantum being represents the wholeness of us. Not just this physical reality, but all of ourselves - our entire essence. When we come into this earth plane, we bring forth only a very small part of ourselves and the balance is placed in the cave of creation and when we return/die we first return to this cave of creation to pick up our entire essence. We can access this entire energy while we are still alive and when we connect and integrate with this entirety of ourselves, then we are enlightened. The understanding that we are much bigger than we think we are, can help us awaken to one's inner power and this creates a whole new energy in us. This can give us great courage, no fear of death or life and in this we find Soul Freedom. This is the purpose of life itself - to create this Soul Freedom while living in a physical reality. Meditate on this symbol and awaken to its power with in you. Carrying this as a drawing with you always can help remember this aspect of yourself.

Soul Retrieval

This is one of the most important spiritual work of one's life. Along with clearing and healing and then integrating more of one's soul light, one must work diligently in bringing back and then integrating the fragmented parts of our soul. Every time there is an intense traumatic experience, a part of our soul leaves us. From the many lives we have had and the experiences from it, our soul has fragmented into more than a million pieces and these pieces are located all over the universe for we have had lives all over the universe. One must consciously work to bring these fragmented parts back to ourselves for each fragmented part carries energy and when we are able to bring all those parts to ourselves, then we are able to assimilate all the energy of that part into ourselves. When this is completed fully, then we are in a enlightened state. This soul fragmentation not only happens because of intense traumatic experiences, but also experiences of less intensity. For e.g, if a child is called stupid and the child withdraws, then there is soul fragmentation for the child. Every time you are rejected and you take it seriously and with draw, then there is soul fragmentation. Every time there is a break up in the relationship, there is soul fragmentation. This fragmentation happens due to our emotional response. If we are strong and does not resonate with what is happening or thrown at us, then soul fragmentation does not occur. Working with your guides and angels daily in assimilating this fragmented parts can help one much in this process.

Subconscious Mind

Our subconscious mind rules us, whether we know it or not. What ever we put into our subconscious mind, it bring it forth. Knowing this and then choosing to put only positive thoughts and experiences in our subconscious mind is the first step in mastering our subconsciousness mind..
Our subconsciousness mind also carries memories from the distant past and depending on our belief systems, it will work to bring forth experiences to match those belief systems. During meditation time, you can consciously send light to subconscious mind and then enlightening it fully. See your entire mind filled with your soul light an give intent to cleanse and purify your subconscious mind. Also it is important to watch your thoughts - what are you inputting? Is it supporting you? What are your emotions? Is it supporting you, empowering you? This constant watch of what you input can become second nature to you and you will see your subconsciousness bringing forth new experiences into your life. This symbol support you in this process.

Blue Print of the Soul

Every soul born on the planet has a blue print - it is also called the sacred contract. This blue print is not a fixed blue print. It can be changed or altered depending on the free will. How can one find one's sacred contract or soul path? This will require some work. By connecting with your soul daily, you will recognize your soul contract and then taking action to be in that soul path. Ask your guides and angels to help you with this. You can also call on the great teacher - Master El Morya to anchor the First Ray of God in to you. This ray is called the Will of God. By integrating this ray into you being, you will be able to align your personality will or ego will to the will of your soul/God's will, for your soul and God is one. Unless one is able to complete one's soul contract, full enlightenment cannot be had. One must fully complete and integrate the energy of that chosen life's soul path. Working with this symbol can help one awaken to one's soul contract or soul path.