Egyptian Series

The temples vary in strength and energy. The same will be true for these symbols, and you will receive varying wave lengths due to the colorations shown. As you will note, perhaps in your meditations, the colors reflect special energies helpful to you as well. Encodements exist within these symbols and colorations, so you will begin to feel the effects overall if used on a continual basis now. Each temple or the pyramid or the Sphinx have some specific energies which will be enhanced using the symbols in this manner. These symbols are powerful. Do not underestimate their effect by using them.

Each temple has a masculine or feminine aspect. And certain ones balance another, such as Isis Temple being the counterpart balance of Horus. The exception to this is Dendera, which contains the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine balance within it as One.

Each temple, with varying energies and power, ultimately will express, as one passes through them the many teachings available, and an opportunity to incorporate fully the Law of One. Breathe into your heart the energy of the pyramid or temple while you are looking at it. Close your eyes and breathe out. Return to this process 5 or 6 more times. Then take this vision into your 3rd eye and utilize your breath in the same manner as before, only now into your 3rd eye instead of your heart, but you need not open your eyes. 5 or 10 minutes for each one and you can repeat this cycle numerous times.

Balance   Kom Ombo Temple   Hathor Temple Great Pyramid   Horus Temple   Isis Temple Abu Simble Temple   Karnak Temple   Luxor Temple Sphinx   River Nile



Elixer of Life poured into the hands of those reaching for the higher embracement of life. All who came here to study were given this elixir after they had reached a certain level of awareness. The gifts of this temple are enormous. Notice the colors of light and the upliftment possible provided to all with outstretched hands. As you sit in this temple you will notice the time has come for your own aspirations deep within your heart, to be met. You are seated here ascension day. The Grail Cup is providing the elixir of life.


Levels of consciousness heightened greatly in this temple, which serve to open one's being to the higher levels of reality. There are many aspects in this temple which rise to the placement of peaceful contentment in one's being through expansion of Light contained herein. This is the temple of commit-ment to the higher codes carried within one's being which can open with the vibration aligned along the great pillars outlining the enclosures and rooms of this temple . They begin to ignite one with proper quietude here and specific sounds can evoke this breakthrough. The colors here are those which elongate the system to embrace the community of man within them. Ascension chamber for some through meditation and clarity.


This majestic presence can be evoked within oneself as a presence of Light and within that comes knowledge long sought. In your meditations, utilize this symbol to bring forth not only the greatness of this spirit but to evoke within yourself the passages of time now ready to be opened. The linkage of heart to heart most prevalent here. Align with your own majesty reflected here as well. The Sphinx also represents the alignment with the stars and oneness of all things contained with. For some, this energy is transcendent, moving one far beyond the Earth into another dimensional reality with little or no effort.


Contained within this temple are the rites of passage to other realms. Within the initiations undertaken here, man has risen above the limitations of time and space. It is a Temple of Rites, and it will be open to you when to time is right in this regard. Abydos has a great history of being one of the more expansive of all the temples and one finds with resolution to his spirit's reasons to live life once again. The Keepers here, or those who guard these higher openings, are very protective of what is present within this temple. You must be ready or they keep these doors closed until the time is completed for higher levels to ascension.


The vastness of scope here evokes the inner mysteries within oneself that begin to awaken as one spends time in this space. The symbols help to start this process. The deeper inner worlds come alive with intensity here. A vast oasis for change and resolution within one's being and readiness for what is ahead.


As above, so below. All things are contained within the pyramid - all explanations of life - within the Universe - heavens and earth, yin/yang, dark/light, and the potential to rise above. The pyramid is an ascension chamber with the higher levels of reality present and those great tests overcoming fear creating levels of mastery when accomplished. The Law of One met.


This temple provides the opportunity to align not only with the stars (11:11), but the entirety of one's soul presence on earth. It contains the light of all one is, not only in terms of the various array of expressions and combining them, but also the Twin Flame or Twin Soul combination alignment. The Hathors guard the Divine Feminine energy here and impart awareness and knowledge toward healing all aspects of body, mind and spirit.


Herein lies the Divine Feminine represented by Isis. Imbued within these stone walls are the encodements for the Goddess energies to awaken and rebalance the world's energy. Isis has worked for eons of time to re-right the imbalances between Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine. Within this fertile grid comes the nurturance of life on earth into life as it once was and will be once again.


One brings into Light the balance of karma within this temple to understand what is completed, when one is ready to move ahead, and what has yet to be done. It is a realization of the state of readiness for further Initiations, for when this is completed, one begins the next level. However, until the completion of imbalances here are finished, the aspirant is held back for further training. It is an awakener to the higher levels of placement and work yet to be done or that which is finally finished.


Horus comes to the aspirant to awaken power within. This mighty temple is configured in such a manner that the energies seeded within are awakened to ones empowerment with instruction for right use. It does not guarantee this occurs, but the early teachings were solely about use of power and placement of same. To evoke Horus means you are ready to see your divine being take flight, with wisdom and strength, using life and life force with might.


Beloved Nile River of all sustenance, creates a flow and design to all life, allowing for magnetic energies to traverse the planes where barely much exists. She, the Nile, seeks to restore balance to all areas of the Earth, and her great love of the land has provided life for all of gentle hearts and reflection, all possible within her constructs and lines. The Nile flows from South to North, expanding when able, to provide the greatest support to the land of Khem. Her love of mankind and all life exists everywhere she is. The Nile can be accessed in the symbol for one to understand the strength of spirit flowing within - that spirit providing life - connecting all things and quenching one's thirst. This is the energy of Mother Earth while at the same time of spirit, combined as one, completing aspects within oneself toward wholeness of being. Ask for her presence among you, starting now, to restore the balance within your own being in all aspects.

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