Greetings and thank you for visiting my page. Here you will find information on symbols and the services I offer. These symbols and services are offered as a tool to help one awaken and remember more of ourselves and our journey on this earth. Each symbol offered has been channeled from my soul, from Ascended Masters, Spirit Guides, Angels and Archangels and other Light Beings. The symbols are divided into many categories and the explanations of each symbol is given at the end of each symbol. By placing one's attention on the symbol and placing intention on it, one can activate the energy encoded in the symbol to bring healing and balance in one's life. The symbol once viewed embosses its energy in the subconscious mind and can be activated any time when one chooses or it will naturally emit its healing energy in divine appropriate time. I offer these symbols in humbleness and gratitude.

You will also find information on the services I offer like personal mentoring/coaching, spiritual tours, personal soul symbols and healing symbols and workshop I offer. Please feel free to drop in a note if you require any more info on any of the symbols or services I offer. May your spiritual journey be filled with excitement, joy and love in your heart.

Rae Chandran

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"I just found your website and JUST LOVE IT! I love sacred geometry and this is just an amazing site to enjoy the visuals that speak volumes to me. thank you!!!!"


"Thank you so much for my beautiful soul symbols and message from Master Serapis Bey. Words cannot express the tremendous love and light these have brought into my life. What a wonderful gift you bring to humanity. God bless. "


"Thank you! Blessings to you for these symbols. I just recently connected with master Kuthumi and have received love and messages from him. The symbols are greatly appreciated by me and i am sharing them with others. In deep gratitude, thank you. "


"Your work resonates at a level that requires no words at all. With the deepest of Gratitude and Many Blessings to you and your family in Japan. "

HF, Canada

"Thank you for your healing love and light and messages for the world! What a beautiful gift you are!! Thank you for helping me to help heal the world through your symbols. "

CM, Canada

"The symbols are simply divinely beautiful with complete resonance I enjoy every symbol which awakens many things in my heart and soul just beautiful! "

SM, Canada

"Dear Rae, today 11/30 was made the first activation of all Earth Healing Symbols, around the world. A lot of points of light are shinning right now and will expand a lot. Your symbols will help ascencion process. "

MB, Brazil

"I´d like to say that I loved this beautiful symbols that you´ve presented us.They´re helping me a lot! I hope to have the explanation of the rest of them at this net. Thanks a lot and sorry about my English. "

G, Brazil

"Found your BE-U-t-FULL site through Natalie Glasson and just wanted to send heartfelt gratitude for who you are and all the gifts you bring to humanity. "


"Thank you for your beautiful site, and to make available to us the symbols. The Glory of God is and always be with you. "


"Many blessings and thank you for the Soul Symbol. I am really loving working with it and it has certainly hit the mark. I knew I was of the Angelic Realm so that was nice to have clarity on that.  Everything in that symbol resonates with me and being a Reiki Master/Teacher/Practitioner, the Ankh will be made in wood as well. I am also off to Egypt soon for a tour of the Sphinx, Pyramids and Temples so that is a wonderful thing. Love and thank you, thank you, Namaste. "


"First of all I want to express my gratitude. Thanks so much for the symbol, it´s explanation and the message with all insights it has. I was deeply touched while reading it for the first time, and it keeps touching me and giving new insights each time I read it. For sure it is going to help me in my awakening process. God Bless You and all You love. Warm Regards! Namaste! "

F, Germany

"I was led to your site from Forest of Stars and I am thankful to learn about signs and symbols. I feel an inner joy especially with the rays of light symbols. Namaste "

FE, New Zealand

"Rae, I would like to thank you and the beings of light with whom you are in communication for this LUMINOUS symbols. They truly speak to the soul... I am planning to use them in my work on quickening of personal and planetary vibration. I send you blessings."

P, France

"Dear Ray, I think your symbol pages are totally incredible! Really stunning, I sent them forward to a few friends, one who meditates on them, and they do a lot for her. I myself haven't started the meditating yet, but hope in the summer break to enjoy this added gift too! THANK YOU SO MUCH for the truly beautiful gift!! Kindest regards! "

K, Holland

"Thank you for this beautiful Soul Symbol. I am somewhat "flabbergasted" by the symbol and by the message. To give you a quick answer on your request to let you know my thoughts and feelings: It feels very good. I feel very comfortable with the message and know that this will work out just fine, given time. I will need some time to let it all sink in now. Thank you again for the beautiful work that you do. You bring a smile to my face. "

T, Holland

"Such gratitude to you for the MAGNIFICENT magnificent soul symbol - a heart treasure gift - tears have entered my life after years of dryness and nourishment from the beings of light, making a way where there was no way. I cannot find words to express my sorrow grief shock at the enormity of the nuclear event - off set by the shield of light that the people in Japan are demonstrating by their superb conduct in this global event, teaching us by their leadership as demonstrated by you, to seek guidance and go beyond the physical to our hearts to the place of stillness - this was the simple message from the holy one that came through before bed last night, along with the inner healing. "

C, England

"The symbols are exquisite. Thank you for your dedication."


"Thank you again for last night's DNA activation. Apart from some energy running in my legs, esp down to the soles of my feet, I didn't feel much.  This is quite usual for me in the sense that I don't see or hear or sense much during energy work. When I got up this morning and stepped onto the floor, the chronic pain on my right foot was gone. Thank you! This pain has been with me for quite a while and other energy work has only temporarily cleared it. So happy!"

Edith, Hong Kong

"After the session I was definitely 'spacey', and can appreciate the guidance of resting and perhaps even having someone accompany/drive after the session. Throughout the rest of the day and evening I had a sense of deep peace and relaxation. I was very tired very early in the evening and went to bed much earlier than I otherwise would have. My blood pressure was on the low side of what it normally runs. I continue to feel 'expanded' in my body, in a very open-hearted way, in contact with 'All That Is."


"When I was a kid and would be trying to fall asleep with my eyes closed, I remember seeing a lot of geometric changing shapes against a black background, like one of those screen-savers that is always moving. That's what I felt was happening in my body yesterday when you came to check on me. What happened after that got even stranger, as, to be frank, I felt like my upper body was on the verge of orgasm. That lasted until I left. After that I continued to have this feeling . . . like the opposite of back pain; it was back pleasure! There was a really intense feeling in my lungs for several hours afterward as well."


"Re-listening to the activations seems to be more powerful than just breathing on the points, so I decided I would do this instead. So far, I have done the activations 3 more times (once a day) and intend to do the activations a total of 7 times. I continue to feel energy in the points, some points have more energy than others. the energy of the activations is clearer and it continues working on realigning my bodies. Repeating the activations and toning them helps me feel that the activations are stronger and my physical and nonphysical bodies get stronger. The realignment is also allowing more light to come in and the energy seems to be getting stronger. Yesterday morning, I woke up singing "halleluiah, halleluiah" in my head and that stayed with me most of the day. I thought this was a good sign. My physical body has been weak because of the cancer, the chemo, the flu, etc., but it does seem to be recovering little by little. I have been including the pinky technique to my self healing protocol. Thank you for the activations and for all you do for me and others."

Martha, Texas, USA

""I am truly feeling the oneness and connectedness with everything after our session. My God self is very present and I have stopped doing anything to cover it up and be like everyone else. I am just divinely me since our session.""